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Fantasy ready

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Fantasy League

Fanlive Rugby offers daily and weekly games as close to reality as possible. The championships start from the first match of the competitions and end at the end of the last match.

Team selection

Each fan can form several teams and have them compete in the different championships offered. Upon registration, fans receive a free pack of 10 White cards allowing them to enter the beginner's championship. In order to form their team(s), fanlivers have a large number of statistics and performance indices for athletes on each “player” card on the Fanlive Rugby Marketplace.

Matchmaking and rarity score

In the championship, the level of a fan is proportional to the type of cards he uses. Interest in the game is largely driven by the game's ability to pit fans of similar levels against each other. We introduce the Rarity Score (RS), the rarity score, calculated from the fanliver cards.
•Global Rarity Score (GRS): the overall score of the fanliver taking into account all its cards.
•Team Rarity Score (TRS): the score of a team presented in the championship.

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Private league

Each fan can create a private league. The fan can also view all the existing private leagues and ask to access them or be invited to them. Once in the League, he allocates one of his teams to participate in the private tournament. The creator of a league chooses the different parameters of his league and selects the prizes to be won. These can be physical prizes, cards from his own collection...

A company, can organise a private league with prizes that it will offer under its own brand.

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Fanlive Rugby offers each fanliver the opportunity to play rugby-themed card games by challenging other fanlivers.

Daily challenges

Fans can participate in a limited number of games per 24 hour period.

Weekly challenge

A weekly challenge is also offered. Organised like a tournament: Group stages then final stages

To start with

A fan composes a 15-card deck in his NFT card wallet to face another fanliver (deck of 15 cards). To do this, it uses real performance indices according to the different phases of play in a rugby match (scrum, scorer).


The system connect opponent with an RS equivalent to the constructed deck. If he doesn't find it and the fanliver accepts it, a handicap will be applied, which allows the fanlivers with the most powerful cards to play anyway

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Fanlive Rugby AR
Real life experience

Up to 1 hour before and after the match, NFT White cards of the home club will appear virtually at locations around the stadium. Each fan will be able to hunt NFT cards of their favourite players which will be placed on spawn points around the stadium before and after the game. When the fan finds a card, he will be able to share his new acquisition on Fanlive Rugby or his social networks.