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Digital platform

Fanlive is a platform combining a market place where digital collectible cards are collected and traded with a series of fantasy games

Player cards

The player cards represent all the players contracted with Fanlive Rugby. These cards can be re-sold, played with or collected. Ultimately, they will become real "Passes" creating exciting experiences with your favourite club or players.

The Collector cards

The "Collector" cards exclusively published by our partners are for collectors and represent unique club or Union moments. Initially these collector cards represent pictures and in the futur their could be video clips. Collectors will be able to trade their cards on the Fanlive Rugby marketplace and also other NFT marketplaces.

Card rarity

All the "player"cards are ranked in 5 different groups with various rarity levels:
•Black : unique card
•Platinum : only 15 cards produced
•Gold: only 150 cards produced
•Silver : only 300 cards produced
•White : free cards with an unlimited supply

only 16 "Collector" cards are produced: one Black and 15 Platinium cards.

The Marketplace

Fanlivers can purchase and re-sell the digital cards in a first and second market. Each card is produced with a different level of rarity.

First & Second Markets

Newly created cards are put on the first market by Fanlive Rugby. All other transations are organised by the traders on the second market.


In order to facilitate trade, Fanlive Rugby will implement a system based on auctions.

The Shop

Fanlivers can purchase personalised items or be part of raffles to win prizes (tickets, jerseys, real life experiences, …) in the Shop. It will be added to the platform very soon.


In order to promote referrals from Fanlive Rugby members, a referral system will be implemented very soon.
New members and their referrer will be rewarded with 'white' cards.
The higher the number of referrals, the greater the number of cards.

The Clubhouse

In rugby the clubhouse is the place where to meet and socialise.<br/>In Fanlive Rugby, the clubhouse space can be customised with your cards, your favourite team, favourite cards, teams, leagues and trophees, …

A customisable clubhouse

It will be possible to customise it with:
•Your favourite starting team & favourite cards,
•Your teams,
•Your leagues,
•Your results,
•Your trophies

The evolution to a stadium

Thanks to succesful campaigns in different championships, fans will be able to own a virtual stadium and customise it.

The trophies

Fanlive members will collect trophies once they reach certain levels, from a simple achievement to the prestigious trophy of the best fanliver of the season.